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We feel that wood is good the way it is and ours is the best in the world

MaxStax is a three-in-one game with blocks!

Learning Game
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Genesis of MAXSTAX

MAXSTAX was created by D.B. Smith (M.Ed., B.Sc. KIN, OCT), an educator who first introduced the game to students at an elementary school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Students expressed such interest in the original version that it was eventually developed into a series of stacking games that are as educational as they are fun. The MAXSTAX family thanks you for choosing our product and sincerely hopes that you enjoy playing it as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it.

Something Special Book by MaxStax Gaming

Educational Merit


MAXSTAX is a one-of-a-kind educational resource that cleverly combines hands-on STEAM learning with literacy. Our signature game kits feature FOUR different gaming challenges and our children’s book, entitled Something Special, encourages young readers to follow along with the characters as they celebrate the joy of building through creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Inspiring kids to READ and BUILD is what makes MAXSTAX so incredibly unique. Explore our SHOP page and see for yourself. 

SKYSTAX, our expansion game, further enhances the MAXSTAX learning experience by emphasizing STEAM concepts connected with force, energy and work. SKYSTAX also provides a unique opportunity for Stackers to interpret and construct various abstract BLOX configurations through an artistic lens, fostering rich connections between their imaginations and real-world engineering applications visible in natural and artificial structures. STEAM principles, such as the Harmonic Series, counterbalancing and how the center of mass or gravity impacts stackable objects, are all at one’s fingertips to explore.

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MaxStax ECO Friendly Philosophy

The region in Canada where our premium pine grows is exceptionally rare on a global scale. Its climate and perfect blend of soil richness produces the highest quality white pine on the planet. Because pine is considered a softwood, children may find it lighter and safer to stack than hardwood blocks. The specific density, clean appearance and signature feel of MAXSTAX wooden BLOX is like nothing else on the market and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on them.

MAXSTAX wooden BLOX are made from 100% Canadian white pine, harvested in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified practices, guaranteeing that wood products are responsibly and sustainably managed.

The specific dimensions of lumber used to process our wooden BLOX is deemed a ‘recovery product’, meaning that board lengths in particular deviate from standard sizes sold by retailers. These samples are typically reserved for specialty woodworking projects. We saw this as an opportunity to not only secure a premier pine product for our valued customers, but also pass along our savings.

All BLOX are absent of artificial stains, chemicals and preservatives. They are also hand-cut and lightly sanded to maintain their organic quality and texture, with edges being slightly beveled to allow for maximum stackability. That’s why no two BLOX look or feel the same, emphasizing their natural uniqueness.

MAX and STAX invite you to join the next generation of Super Stackers!

Meet Max and Stax


"This is a game the whole family can play and not get on each other’s nerves. It’s our new go-to on family game night."
Hailey B.
"I thought MAXSTAX was kind of easy when I tried stacking by myself. It got way harder when I started racing against other people and the clock at the same time."
Jacob A.
"With all of the digital games me and my friends play, it’s nice to play a game that gives me a chance to make things using my hands. I really like it!"
Chelsea R.

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FSC® Certified

Our BLOX are made from FSC® certified materials.
(FSC® C041262)

Educational Merit

Educational concepts are directly associated with STEAM learning models.


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